Pacific Coast First Nations

People of the coast

Food Resources

Pacific Coast First Nations ate salmon,shell ,fish, octopus, herring, whale and seaweed. They ate these types of food because they live near the water so it helps them get a bunch of food resources fish oil is also very important in the peoples diets.Like the Plateau first nations the Pacific coast first nations dried salmon.
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Social organazation

The Pacific coast first nations had a well-defined class.They also had a famous method of crest display.
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Pacific Coast First nations were very, very talented and excellent carpenters so that allowed them to live in big gigantic houses.They used the bark of red cedar along the coast to build their homes.
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Modes of Tranportation

The Pacific coast first nations mainly traveled by canoe because they were mainly surrounded by water but, they had some land to live on.
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Pacific coast first nations made their skins from buckskin and some cedar bark.
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Spiritual Beleifs

Pacific Coast First Nations had many rituals to give thanks to the creator.
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