Electric Vehicles Emerging

By: Ronald Garcia and Hunter Young

Work Process

Electrical vehicles are vehicles that use electromagnetic induction. The technology is based on a wireless power transfer called Shape Magnetic Fields. This power transfer technology is based on electromagnetic principle and uses in both the transmitter and pickup elements to transfer power wireless safely from the tracks to the vehicle.

Cost of making this technology

71,070 is the cost of the Tesla Electric Car. I've heard its not that bad for new technology but its still a lot of money.
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Technology impacting our lives

We can use alternative energy that is safe for our ecosystem including us. This product does not cause air pollution. Instead of buying fuel from Saudi Arabia, we can produce it over here in our home country. It would cost less than having to use other alternative fuels.
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Improve Businesses

It can produce a lot of money for the company and can cause jobs for unemployed people. It can change the world by not using oil and saving money on it.