Valley View Junior High School

January 2015 Newsletter

Principal's Message

A new year means a new start! Encourage your student to finish the second quarter out strong! Talk to them about their classes and get in touch with their teachers if necessary. Students might be motivated to continue to work hard if they set goals they can accomplish. They could set a goals for each area of their life, such as academic (start long-term projects early) social (avoid gossip), and personal (save for a special purchase). Setting goals as a family would also be appropriate. Doing things together is always more fun than doing them alone. Enjoy the winter. Spring will be here before we know it.

Career Exploration Activities

8th graders in computer class this trimester completed career activities using the website. Students completed two career inventories which matched their skills/interests to careers they might enjoy. The students then had to research careers and colleges of interest to them. The Ohio Means Jobs website is a great resource that is free of charge and accessible on any computer. Not only can students research careers and colleges anywhere in the United States, they can find scholarships available to them in high school. There are also practice ACT and SAT tests available at no charge. If you have a chance, check out the Ohio Means Jobs website with your child. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Mrs. Carmack at the junior high.

College Spotlight

The guidance office is going to be starting a new program in January called "College Spotlight." Each month, we will be spotlighting a different college in the state of Ohio. Students can pick up a form outside the guidance office, complete it, and turn back in by the end of the month. Students will be asked to find information such as college size, location, tuition, majors offered, scholarships offered through the college, and more. One winner will be drawn each month from the completed forms, and the winner will receive an item from the spotlighted college. We are hoping it will get students thinking about options for their future in a fun way!!

VVJH Gives Back

Student council collected 577 items for CAMP and twenty five coats. Thank you to all of the students and their families for their generosity. All items collected will stay in the Valley View area.

School Closings and Delays

As the weather turns colder, the possibility of closings and delays becomes more likely. These will normally be announced through our automated phone system, as well as on local television channels. Please contact the office if you have not received a call from our automated phone system yet this year so we can check the number.

Message From the School Nurse

Dear Parents,
This Letter is to in form you that we have had a few confirmed cases of chicken pox in the 8th grade class. The CDC and the State Health Department has always required one Chicken pox vaccine prior to the start of Kindergarten. Beginning in the fall of 2007 these recommendations changed and students were required to have a second vaccine before the start of kindergarten. One at a year of age and the second at age 5. Students in 8th grade were in first grade when this recommendation was put in place and most did not receive a second vaccine, there fore the risk is increased with our 8th grade class.
If you have any questions regarding chickenpox, the necessity to seek getting your child immunized with a second chicken pox vaccine should be directed towards your Physician or the Montgomery County Health Department. We do ask that if your child does break out with Chicken pox to please inform the school via a voice message or an email to the school Nurse (

Thank you,

Michele Hoog, RN MS Ed
School Nurse
Valley View Local Schools.
6027 Farmersville-Germantown Pk.
Germantown, Ohio 45327

No School For Students

There are two weekdays in January on which there will be no school. Friday, the 16th is a professional development day for the staff and the following Monday is Martin Luther King Day.

Looking For A Volunteer

VVHS once again has a recycling bin behind the building. This is a great opportunity for our district to recycle all of the paper from the other buildings. We are looking for a parent who would be willing to stop by our building once a week and transport our recycled paper to the high school bin. If you are interested, please let me know.