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Updates from the ALANA Intercultural Board

Week of October 24th - October 30th

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Pictured from top left to right: Anita Minniefield (Program Coordinator), Kathleen Li (Program Coordinator), Adaugo Ezike (Program Coordinator), Janée Dennis (PR Coordinator), Keri Gill (MCFAB Chair), Shayra Kamal (Program Coordinator), Evelyn Ambriz (ALANA Advisor), Marisa Knox (VP of Public Relations), JoJo Kidane (VP of External Affairs), Hillary Yeboah (President), Haadia Amjad (VP of Operations), and Niña Kitele (VP of Programming)

Not pictured: Connor Hodges (Treasurer), Nia Marshall (PR Coordinator) and Barbara Esuoso (Program Coordinator)

The ALANA A-List showcases the top events in the multicultural community happening on campus. Listed below are events you do not want to miss!

Top A Lister

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The Women of Color Coalition works to create unity across boundaries that have been both internally and externally constructed to oppress but that have also empowered women of color to build pride. This coalition programs events that gives voice and strength to experiences that are often marginalized and fosters further self-reflection and awareness of issues that affect women of color at Cornell.

ALANA Announcements

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ALANA Intercultural Board is thrilled to present that we are having Halloween at Southside again this year! Come celebrate All Hallow's Eve with ALANA Intercultural Board, Southside Community Center, the children of Ithaca, and Cornell Greek Tri-Council.

From 4:30-6:30 pm we will host a carnival where your organization will get the chance to set up an activity booth (i.e. face painting, games, mummy wrapping, etc.) for the kids in the Ithaca community.

If any of your organization members would like to volunteer to help set up the haunted house at 3:30pm or be a part of haunted house (scaring kids) sign up here.

Cycling Funding Dates '16-'17

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Please contact Conor Hodges ( with any questions about the funding cycle process


If your organization has missed either the September or October Gbodies, your organization is currently not in good standing for funding. Please reach out to Niña Kitele (nck26) for information about the upcoming make-up event.

Spring 2017 Course Enrollment

Pre-enrollment starts next week! Register for Intergroup Dialogue Project!
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How To Remove Yourself From A Listserv

Below, please find the information to remove yourself from ANY list serve on Cornell's campus.

Upcoming Events

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Do you enjoy celebrating the diversity of Cornell's campus? Come join us at Ho Plaza on October 26th to participate in Show Your True Colors, an interactive experience to learn more about yourself and others. Don't miss out on this opportunity to become a part of a unique communal artwork display that breaks racial stereotypes.

You will have the opportunity to trace your hand on a large canvas with a color that represents who you are on a personality basis, not just what you look like on the outside. We will have an array of colors for you to choose from; from bright, fun hues to deep, sultry ones.

No prior art expereince required, so come out and join us in celebrating the diversity of Cornell's campus.

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Come to All of the Lights, the biggest South Asian performance show organized by the Society of India that features over 10 performing teams and 120 students! Performances include Yamatai, Sitara, Raas, a Fashion Show, and a special guest act: comedian Adam Mamawala. It is the best way to enjoy all the talented South Asian performance groups on campus in one place! All proceeds from the show benefit the Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement. Saturday, November 5, Bailey Hall.

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Want to get paid for eating on campus?

Sign up for Cornell Dining's Mystery Shopper Program!

Each shopper is assigned three "shops" in different eateries during the course of each semester, and after dining, completes an online questionnaire regarding their visit. Each shopper then gets paid (in BRBs) $10 for each retail shop visit (ie. Bear Necessities, Libe Café) and $12 for each dining hall visit.

Mystery shoppers must complete a brief training session prior to their assignments.

If you're interested:


Or visit

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We are excited to present the Big Red Shuttle, Cornell's first free late-night transportation service for students who need a safe ride home.

Initially, the Big Red Shuttle provided students with rides during exam periods. However, the need for additional means of late-night transportation has become clear. Now, the Big Red Shuttle is no longer an academic-only resource, but one that provides timely and free transportation to Cornell students everywhere in need of a safe ride home.

Starting Friday, 10/14 , the Big Red Shuttle will run a 20-minute route every Friday and Saturday night from 12am-3am with a professional driver and two student aids trained by Cayuga's Watchers.

To learn more, please see the poster below. Check out our website Have questions? Feel free to drop us a note at

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