Romeo and Juliet

Emily Lanza

Act 1 Summary of Scenes I - V

At the beginning of the story the Capulets and the Montagues sword fight in public until the king comes and breaks them up.They threaten them explaining to them to never fight in public again or they will be sentenced to death.

Lady Capulet talks to Juliet and tells her to think about marrige. They want her to think about loving Paris but shes not to sure about the idea. But her father doesn't want her to marry that early. He hopes Paris will find a new love at the party and forget about Juliet.

Benvolio meets Romeo and tries to talk to him and make him forget about his love Rosaline. But he doesn't want to forget about her meanwhile she cares about Romeo.

The Montague's crash the Capulet's party to cheer Romeo up. Capulet sees them but instead of fighting and kicking them out he lets them stay at the party.

Tybalt gets upset that Romeo the Montague's crashed their party he wants to go and fight them and kick them out of the party.Capulet doesn't want him to go and cause a scene in front of the guest.

Romeo and Benvolio arrive to the party Capulet makes an announcement to the guest and they stand around until the other guest start dancing until romeo spots a girl.

Benvolio spots Rosaline at the party but Romeo Spots Juliet and Juliet spots Romeo at that point they fall in love with each other. He forgets about his old love and replaces her with Juliet.

Favorite Part Thus Far

My favorite part is when Romeo and Juliet see each other. It is my favorite part because they both look happy also they seem so in love it makes me happy to see if they're both happy and found eachother