A Peek at our Week

Mrs. Justus's Classroom September 19 -23

Important Dates and Reminders

September 18- Kids Praise sings at 10:30 service be at the church at 10:15

September 23- No School

What we are learning this week-

Religion- We begin our second unit with Jacob Runs Away, Jacob's Dream, and Joseph and His Brothers. Memory verse- Jesus said..."I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me." John 14:6

Math- adding columns of numbers with regrouping, temperature, elapsed time, rounding

Literacy-looking at how authors use description in their writing to help readers create a picture in their minds. This week we will apply the reading strategy of visualizing. Visualizing while reading helps us to remember, make connections, and question what is happening in the text.

Social Studies- We begin our new chapter on the United States Regions Chapter 3 finishes with a presentation project that will be put together using a program called biteslide.

Science- Chapter 2 test on Thursday study guide went home in the Friday folders. The vocabulary for 4th grade science is more intensive than we had last year. I remind the students to take home their science book nightly and re-read the sections we went over in class together and if they have any questions to write them down and ask me so we can work things out together. I am going to start loading our science and social studies vocabulary in spelling/vocabulary city so that the students will have additional access for studying the words. They can click on the word list and choose activities to help them remember the vocabulary.

Spelling- LINK for spelling words- This week's spelling words: eyes, icicle, tight, climb, umpire, highway, idea, flight, cycle, fright, iron, slight, tiny, higher, shy, hire, buy, might, reply, title