The first jewish prosocution laws were the

They were

  • These were the first acts that hitler imposed against the jews.
  • Completely unfair
  • A reason to go on

What they did

  • prohibited Jews from having any relations with Germans
  • deprived Jews of many rights
  • Jewish CEO's had to give up their businesses
  • Jewish doctors could only treat Jews
  • Jewish lawyers could not practice law
  • Jews had to carry ID's with a J on them for Identification
  • Jews without recognizably Jewish first names were required to change their middle names to ether "Israel" or "Sara"

Important people

What classified people as a Jew

  • 3 or more Jewish grandparents
  • any Jewish parents
  • if you practice the Jewish religion
  • Even if you/parent/grandparent was once a jew


  • many catholic/Protestant priests, nuns, etc. were prosecuted
  • People who have not bean Jewish for several generations were prosecuted


  1. persecuted Jews
  2. got "the mood" of ww2 started
  3. got Germany a unfavorable side
  4. prosecuted many non Jews
  5. made Jews easier to identify later