Discovery Center

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About the DC

The Discovery Center is a place for students and teachers to gather in an effort to become innovative learners. It offers a range of books for young readers to young adult readers. In the Discovery Center you will find students working together in small groups, large group lessons, comfy spaces to read, adults to help, and so much more!

What is it?

  • Search for library books, titles, series, authors, keywords, and subjects
  • Destiny Quest
  • Make Resource Lists

About Us

Mrs. Shekleton and Mrs. Vandervort are happy to help you find a just right book for your enjoyment or when doing research. Mrs. Vandervort is an expert at syncing the iPads, and she would be "appy" to help you with that!

Working on a presentation? We can help! Many apps and 2.0 web tools are available for you.

New Titles

Check out the new Teen, Goldfinch and Children's Choice Award books!