Oil spills

human dependence project by Esteban Vlchis and Manuela diaz


one problem that oil spills do is the a lot of animals die because of oil spills on the ocean.

another problem that oil spills has is that it is a lot of work to clean up.

negative affects on the enviernments

the homes of fish and endanger species lose their homes because it kills the coral reef's.
Gulf Oil Spill Effects On Wildlife

Regions in North America affected by oil spills

3 Main regions in North America affected by oil spills are Canada , United States , and Central America.

Wildlife that is most affected by oil spills

Every kind of marine animal can be affected by oil spills. It also affects birds, when birds are catching there pray they ingest oil because of the fishes being cover with oil. Birds can also get covered with oil when diving into the water and that makes them have difficulty for flying. Difficulty in flying makes the birds be an easier pray for predators.

How is Wildlife affected?

Dolphins and whales are affected by the oil going into their blowholes witch makes the oil go into their lungs and makes them have difficulty to breathe. Sea turtles are affected by them ingesting the oil and damaging their internal organs also by breathing in the oil vapor witch would cause them major respiratory problems. The oil can also affect fishes egg production. That would make less fishes in the sea.

Do oil spills affect League City?

Oil spills could reach out to our area of League City .

Does it affect people?

Oil spills do affect people it can affect us with fishing in the sea because of the fishes being cover in oil.It also affects us by being able to go to beaches in Galveston.

what causes oil spills to occur?

Oil Spills can be caused by people being careless or making mistakes. They can also be caused by equipment breaking down or natural disasters such as hurricanes, deliberate acts by terrorists , countries at war or illegal dumpers.

Solutions for Oil spills

Some solutions for Oil spills are skimming , Natural degradation , dispersants , and biological helpers.

My Idea of a solution for Oil Spills

the main idea to solve the problem of oil spills is to stop transporting by boat and do it by plain.