Poetry Project

By: Jiarey McCray

I Wish

I wish I had more time to sleep in

I wish I had the power to give everyone happiness

I wish I had longer summers

I wish I had a private jet to travel

I wish I had a closet full of designer clothes

I wish I had an unlimited amount of food

I wish I had a magic wand to make all my wishes come true

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Ballad Poem

Fifteen Pounds

"Only fifteen more pounds,"

A phrase so simple yet so powerful

A phrase that held her life in the palms of its hands

A phrase that was slowing killing her

At first it was only for track,

but then it became something more,

something sinister.

It wanted her life.

And it would take it.

"It's only fifteen pounds"

"I'm doing it for myself, not anyone but for myself"

"It's only fifteen pounds."

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Free Verse


Water rocked the boat,

swaying them gently

The sun sunk

They stood not speaking

She stared a the beauty of the world

He stared at the beauty beside him,


And he loved every bit

He spoke breaking the silence

It must've been the way he spoke

Or the way his eyes resembled the water

They found themselves leaning in

And they were kissing,

in that moment he realized what he was missing.

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