Gaston Elementary Newsletter

June 10, 2022

Upcoming Events ~

June 15 ~ Last Day to Pick Up Student Meds in the Office

June 15 ~ Last Day to Pick Up Lost & Found Items

July 11-28 ~ Elementary Summer School 8am-12pm

August 18-20 ~ Wapato Show-Down and Car Show

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How Do We Feel About The Last School Assembly??

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DON'T FORGET!!!! Lost & Found Last Days are approaching...all items will be gone as of Thursday, June 16.

Mrs. McMaster Retires After 32 Years!!

We all held up hearts with our hands to show the love for Mrs. McMaster. Many had her as a kindergarten teacher over the years, and this year everyone got to have her as a PE teacher. We love her and will miss her!
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Summer Program Information

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Time to Register Your 5 Year Olds!

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If you, or a neighbor, have a child who will be 4 before September 1, 2022, they will be old enough to start PreK this year! If you, or a neighbor, have a child who will be 5 before September 1, 2022 ~ we hope to see them this year in Kindergarten!

Miscellaneous End of Year Photo Dump

Mark Your Calendars for August!

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Principal Appreciation Post:

From the School Secretaries...

Shout out to Miss Christensen who took extra time this year to try to keep spirits high in the middle of a pandemic. For students and staff alike, trying to mediate and keep tensions low, and always trying to go the extra mile for everyone. You are appreciated!

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