Al Capone

Ethan Leinen

Al Capone's Early Years.

Alphonse Gabriel Capone was born on January 17, 1899 in Brooklyn New York. He was born to Gabriel Capone and Teresina Capone. He had a very bad childhood at he was introduced to crime at a very young age. At the age 14 Al Capone slapped a teacher and he was expelled from school and he never went to school again. At about this time he moved to a different house where he would meet Johnny Torrio his mob mentor.

Capone's Crimes

Some of Al's crimes were bootlegging, gambling and many others though he never got convicted of those crimes. Capone earned 60 million dollars a year by selling illegal liquor. The crime that he went to prison for was tax evasion. Capone's most famous crime was the St. Valentines day massacre. One of Capone's rivals was "Bugs" Moran Moran had tried to assassinate him earlier. So Capone's men posed as police and made Moran's men line up and they shot them all. 7 people died on February 14, 1929 the day of the massacre. The police could not prove that Capone did it because he was in Miami at the time.

Prison for Capone

In May 1932, Al Capone began his sentence for 11 years in prison at the U.S. penitentiary in Atlanta. While at the prison Capone decorated his prison with old furniture, a radio cabinet, rugs and he also had silk underwear. He ran his business from the cell. Because he had all of those things and he was a bad prisoner he got sent to Alcatraz in San Francisco. Because Alcatraz was a tough prison he was not able to gain control over there. He was released on November 16, 1939.
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Capone's Final Days

While at Alcatraz Al Capone started to show signs of the disease syphilis. He was released on January 6, 1939. He spent a long time at a hospital when he got released because of what the disease did to him. He lived out his final days with his wife in Miami. He died January 25, 1947.