The Ambush

August 24-28, 2020

Week 1 Down, Here Comes Week 2

Thank you for a productive week. You have persevered through one of the biggest obstacles of the year, and for that I am proud of the Ambush. You have taken feedback and grew from it. Classes are engaging, and you are setting the expectation that instruction, regardless of the setting is important.


Read the HMS Non-Negotiables by clicking HERE

Acknowledge that you have read the Non-Negotiables by clicking HERE

Grade book

Please begin entering grades on a weekly basis. The grade book has been set up.

Attendance Extension

The attendance extension was causing problems with the system. It was causing the laptops to crash. This is the reason why it was removed. Please note that adding extensions is done at the risk of adding unapproved programs to your device that might cause problems.

Instructional Technology Website

Visit the technology website. It contains helpful videos and assistance when it comes to instructional technology.

Centegix Training

Look out for an email from Centegix regarding your account and training. You should sign off on the professional learning sheet before leaving on Monday. See Mrs. Bolton for the sign-in sheet.

Chain of Command

Please follow the chain of command by taking concerns and requests to the appropriate person as indicated in the First Responder sheet. It is not OK to seek assistance outside the building before seeking help from within. This is just a professional courtesy to all who are in leadership positions in the building. Give your coaches, subject chairs, grade level chairs, front office staff, assistant principals, and me an opportunity to carry out our duties.

Bright Spot Visit

The district will be popping up in your virtual rooms next week. This is a way to show off your great work. I will let you know the specifics once I here from Mrs. Dundore.

Team Newsletter

This is a reminder that one newsletter will be emailed from the school each week. All you will need to do is post it on your grade level page. We will create a Newsletter drop down in the grade level page for you. Email the link to your team's newsletter to Mrs. Moore by end of day each Thursday. I will include the link in my newsletter. Shout out to Team 802 for getting their newsletter done for Week 1.

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Ambushed by Shout-Outs

From Nurse Jones

We have an amazing emergency response team!! They arrived at the clinic in less than one minute after the call and they were right beside me. I could not do this without them!! I cannot express how much I appreciate them all. We are not just coworkers, we are FAMILY!!

From Bama

Mrs. Ariel for always, always, always lending her time, talent, and resources.

Ayers-contacted no shows for collaborative classes

Cameron/Alewine-always offering to help

Knox/Newman/Sears/Campbell/Horne/Ahmed-Tech Gurus and team organizers

A.Williams- Our ELA go-to

Phillips-positive feedback and a push in the right direction

Long/Pierce/Grier-working behind the scenes

Miles/Welch-calm vibes and great communication



Alewine-youtube instructions

***Bengals and Javans work really well together

Frome Phillips

Ms. Cook for leading the USA Test Prep Training.

Ms. Bama, Ms. Campbell, Ms. Sears, and Ms. Alewine for taking on the Attendance Task for 6th Grade! All members jumped in and helped.

From Knox

Shout out to Leigh Anne Cook for doing an awesome job presenting USA test prep! I learned a lot of new things!!

Shout outs to Mr. Rigsby and Mrs. Glover for helping me with trying to see all my students in Google Meets!

From Cook

Everyone was SOOO amazing during USA TEST PREP!

Thankful for my colleagues!

From JM Smith

Mrs. Cook had a great presentation on USA Test Prep and I learned about features I didn't even know existed.

From Watkins

Shout out to the Subject Chairs. You are doing a great job with providing support to the teachers in your department. Goog job! Good job!

Shout out to the grade level chairs for leading their teams to getting tasks completed. I appreciate your help.

Today took teamwork. Thank you so much for getting the attendance information in on such short notice. The data is needed for a meeting early in the morning. I appreciate you. Shout out to Mrs. Willis for getting the No Shows done. She worked up until 11:30PM. #teamwork

Thank you Mrs. Moore for managing our lines of communication with our stakeholders.

Correction: Shout out to

William Ray Glass Jr.

Connie Beal Rosser

Brian Brannock

Ryan R. Rigsby

for being the first to complete the Handbook and COVID sign off on the appropriate platform on 8/10/2020.

From K. Campbell

SHOUT OUT to Ms. Hosler for being an excellent involved co-teacher! She's made virtually teaching fun and exciting!

From Butler

Ashley Pierce - For helping to the Front Office out by keeping the parent packets, paper packets organized and student books.

Alisha Gentle - By taking the time to go find and bring 8th grade books to the front office when she realized I was out.

From Walker

Shout out to Mr. Zellner for his moral and technical support! He is a great asset to the 7th grade team. Kudos to you!!

From Glass

Congrats to our softball team, they are now 2-0 with a win on the road yesterday against Crawford County! We defeated Crawford 13-6! Congratulations Coaches and Players!

From Kersey

Huge Shout Out:

I'm sitting in Rhett Caroll’s class right now! I love his teaching style. He is making it work. He asked students to mute and take off cameras. He talked to the students and invited their feedback. He explained what he expected of them multiple times.

For a first year teacher, he is doing great!

From Holloway

Shout out to Mr. Zellner and Dr. Smith for getting off to a great start in building positive classroom culture. Each day, I had the pleasure of listening in on their live sessions, which were consistently engaging, rigorous, and practical. Both had an inviting personality and wasted no time setting a high standard of excellence. You know the teachers are impactful when your child is eager to join EVERY session, including tutoring. As a parent and colleague, I couldn't be more pleased with the amount of effort they put into ensuring the first week of school was a success.

From A. Smith

To Ms. Walker for her unwavering concern and support

To Ms. Kurt and Mr. Zellner for your tech short cuts

To her ELA and SS team, you guys are appreciated. Collaborative planning is sweatless and seamless

and finally to Mr. Robinson, you make 7th grade Rock.....thank you!

From Cameron

I would like to give a shout out to Ms. Ahmed for being a great mentor. Your patience and guidance is deeply appreciated.

Just a Few Highlights from the Meet and Greet

Just a Few Instructional Highlights

Mrs. Horne in Action
Mrs. Woodruff in action
Mr. Zellner in Action

Someone went waaaaaaay back into the archives. I won't say who did it. Can you identify our colleagues? They have not aged a bit.