Emme Jett

5th Hour


I currently live with my mom, my brother, and my grandma. My brother is 16. I go to my dad's house every-other weekend. Over there I have my step mom, dad, step brother, and half sister. My step brother is 13 and my half sister is 6.


I am good in school and I have good grades. I am in National Junior Honor Society. I have been in Cross Country and I am in Track.


I like to do sports. I like to watch Netflix and YouTube. I like to hang out with friends too.

Career Day

I signed up for the Nurse. I hope to see what its like to be a nurse and what a typical day for a nurse is like.


8 Soc Studies - REBECCA THIBEAULT B 85.80%

28 Math Pre-Algebra - BRIDGET SCHINSTOCK A 95.47%

38 Eng/Lang Arts - ANN TAYLOR B+ 86.52%

58 Computer Lit - DAVID BEGGS A 95.29%

58 Girls PE/Health - DAWN TRAVIS A 95.65%

68 Facs - MISTY COUCH B+ 88.44%

78 Science - APRIL AGATE A 93.75%

STU GRP8th Cross Country - ERICA WOODassignments

STU GRP8th Girls Track - SHAWN ASHBYassignments