Tech Professional Development, # 8

Edmodo Lesson Plans & "Students as Contributors"

Weekly Shout-Outs!

Kami McKee has got it going on with Edmodo in her classroom! Students are completing their math work by hand, taking pictures of their work with iPads, and submitting their work through Edmodo. She's able to give kids feedback so they can rework their solutions and resubmit. Thanks for your enthusiasm and sharing this with others!

The perseverance and bright attitude Mitzi Yarbrough brings to PD each week is a refreshing inspiration to everyone in her group! Thank you for always giving it your best!

Both EHS Joneses--Matt and Olivia--excelled as Time-Keepers during the "Save the Last Word for Me" activity. Way to keep everyone on time and on task!


After joining the EHS administrative team's Edmodo group and practicing submitting lesson plans through the LMS, teachers participated in an activity called "Save the Last Word for Me." Save the Last Word for Me is a great strategy for facilitating structured discussion of reading passages amongst learners in a way that has everyone contributing. We applied the learning strategy to Alan November's article Students as Contributors: The Digital Learning Farm (2012). As an exit slip, teachers jotted ways to incorporate the valuable student contributions suggested in the article in their own classrooms.

Your Ideas for Making Students Vital Contributors


  • Submit lesson plans through Edmodo; submission becomes available on Thursday morning and is available through Monday. (Group code: kbyk2u)
  • Tech PD is on Wednesdays during your planning time. The coaches' session is Wednesday mornings before school.
  • The make-up session for PD is Thursday mornings at 7:30. (Location TBA weekly and is dependent upon other activities/meetings in the school)
  • Tech Badges are still available! You can work on them at your own pace. Access the Appy Hour Challenges here, then submit your badge application form here.