News about school

By Kobe L.


" School Resources for Teachers and Students." School Resources for Teachers and Students. N.p., n.d. Web. 13 Nov. 2014.

Best information about School

The information is about how school started and what it does to help in any kids future life. We all know that kids need to learn in their kid life. im am also a kid a school who learns daily. Read more to find out
School was first invented when the greeks in the 6th centry started making schools for the childrens they had to learn. Kids back then did not have grades all the way up to 12th grade like we do now in 2014. Kids back then also did not learn the same things as we have to learn, they learned how to fish, hunt, and survive on their own.
Kids these days always ask why we have to go to school, well you have to go to school to get a good job and get better at things you did not know before. School is to give you help on how to do things and why. School is a place were children and teens would go every day until May to do work and to learn.
Other kids like to ask "Why do we need to learn." The answer to that is, you need to have education to get a good job in a lifetime. If you learn you get better at things like math, reading, or even science. School helps me with hard things I did not know before.
School can be fun if you pay attention to the teacher. What I always say is "Pay attention better things will happen."

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