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Peter Lord of Canbet: Supports Australia’s Tourism Industry

Peter Lord of Canbet: Professional Consultant

Peter Lord of Canbet is a professional business consultant specializing in corporate structures, strategic planning and business development. Following a successful career with leading Australian Private Equity Firm crescent Capital Partners, he began working with numerous international companies in various roles, including CEO and Chairman Positions. Peter Lord of Canbet is also a devoted family man, and an active member of his community. He has been a volunteer life saver for more than thirty years.

Peter Lord of Canbet - Having a Positive Impact on Young People’s Lives

The value of positive mentorship can not be overstated, particularly in the lives of young people who are seeking someone to learn from, look up to and be inspired by. A longtime member of the Wollongong community, as well as an active parent, mentor and rugby coach, Peter Lord of Canbet enjoys nothing more than providing children a positive and influential role model, someone who demonstrates they care while imparting invaluable life lessons and values that will resonate in their lives throughout the course of a lifetime.

Peter Lord of Canbet has not only a great understanding and in-depth knowledge of the sport of rugby, but also the importance of healthy competition and the value of good sportsmanship. As a coach, Lord is afforded the opportunity to impart his extensive knowledge of the game, and to emphasize the need to adhere to the rules of fair and honest play while maintaining a positive and winning attitude throughout the course of every competition. Sport, as Lord knows, provides young people the chance to develop the skills of hard work, focus and cooperation, and to learn the skills of teamwork and preparation that are so vital to survival and success in the professional community and society.

Peter Lord of Canbet enjoys the chance to work with young athletes, and to provide them the guidance, direction, and, in some cases, the education they need to develop into active and successful adults. As a mentor and devoted member of the local community, Lord has made, and continues to make, a positive difference in many people’s lives.

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Peter Lord of Canbet’s Top 3 Horse Races in Australia

Peter Lord of Canbet has worked in and around the horse racing industry for years, clearly establishing himself as an expert in the sport. Now, as a race horse owner, Peter Lord of Canbet has further evolved his participation in horse racing. While Australia offers a large number of horse races, here are Peter Lord of Canbet’s top three favorites:

Melbourne Cup: First held in 1861, the Melbourne Cup is the largest and finest thoroughbred horse racing event in Australia. Three-year-old horses run for 3,200 metres in this race, which is widely attended. The race, sponsored by the Victoria Racing Club, is held on the Flemington Racecourse on the first Tuesday in November each year.

Golden Slipper Stakes: This race for two-year-old horses is over 1,200 metres on turf. It is the world’s richest race in its category, and is held annually on the first Saturday in April. The inaugural race took place in 1957, and the event has experienced great success since its inception.

W.S. Cox Plate: Held in October, the Cox Plate is a 2,040-metre turf race for three year old horses. The Moonee Valley Racing Club sponsors the event in Melbourne every year since its start in 1922. Many consider the Cox Plate to be the best indicator of a horse’s true abilities.

Australia has a strong and competitive horse racing environment that expanded over the last century. Peter Lord of Canbet notes that one could spend nearly every weekend at a horse race somewhere in Australia. While the three races described are some of the most prominent, smaller local events and races can be just as exciting and come with their own style and feel.

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Outdoors in Wollongong with Peter Lord of Canbet

Peter Lord of Canbet may be best known for his role as business director, but he also enjoys the outdoors. As a native to the area, Peter Lord of Canbet appreciates New South Wales’ beautiful coastal region and all it has to offer the outdoorsman. With a wide range of hobbies including horse racing, rugby league, surfing, and camping, it is no wonder Peter Lord of Canbet chooses to call Wollongong, Australia home.

For local Australians, the eastern coast is a second home. Whether he is surfing, volunteering as a life saver, or just relaxing on the beach, Peter Lord of Canbet enjoys being near the water.

The lakes and forests in the region are also favorite recreational spots for Peter Lord of Canbet. The Upper Nepean State Conservation Area, the Dharawal Nature Reserve, the Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area, and the Garawarra State Conservation Area are just a few of the spaces where Peter Long has spent his childhood and adult life exploring.

Peter Lord of Canbet finds time to coach junior league rugby league which offers another opportunity for outdoor activity. The number of parks in the area can be used for virtually any sport imaginable, and Peter Lord of Canbet keeps discovering new possibilities in the area. Australia is home to areas of incredibly impressive scenery, and Peter Lord of Canbet remains close to his hometown to continue his relationship with the coastal region. Strong connections to land and space has made Peter Lord of Canbet into the local community business leader he is.

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Peter Lord of Canbet Values Mentorship

Positive mentorship can have profound effects on young adults and children’s lives. As a rugby league coach, parent, and community member, Peter Lord of Canbet is uniquely positioned to witness the value of mentorship. Peter Lord of Canbet has experience in volunteering his sporting knowledge in the lifesaving and rugby league communities.

As a coach, Peter Long has observed that mentoring often takes place off the field, in informal spaces between drills or after training. Peter Lord of Canbet warns, however, that just because mentorship occurs outside of direct instruction does not mean it is any less important. Peter Lord of Canbet suggests that the personal growth fostered through mentorship is more important than the physical skills taught in training.

Mentorships can be a valuable way to transfer knowledge from an experienced individual to someone with less experience. While Peter Lord of Canbet is most familiar with the mentorships between younger and older athletes, the informal nature of mentoring means it can truly happen anywhere. Given the right environment, mentorships can even occur spontaneously, which is why Peter Lord of Canbet works so hard to provide a space where young athletes can find ways of developing their personal character as well as their physical strength and ability.

When he is not serving as a business director, Peter Lord of Canbet volunteers his time to work with Wollongong area youth in promoting good citizenry and hard work. For decades, he has helped hundreds of young athletes. Peter Lord of Canbet leads by example by creating a positive environment for individuals to grow as athletes and community advocates.

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Peter Lord of Canbet Believes Youth Sports Build Character

Peter Lord of Canbet has served as a junior rugby league coach in the Wollongong district. Being a coach gives Peter Lord of Canbet an opportunity to give back to the local area and support young people in their development. Coaching allows Peter Lord of Canbet reach out to youth athletes to teach them not only about the skills of rugby league, but also life lessons such as good sportsmanship and the value of hard work.

Peter Lord of Canbet’s approach to coaching is a reflection of his strong foundation in education studies. A University of Wollongong alumnus with a Bachelors Degree in Education, Peter Lord of Canbet is well-versed in teaching strategies that work with young people, not against them. Too often, coaches fail to strike the important balance between treating teenagers like adults, but still allow them to enjoy the sport.

Not unlike Peter Lord of Canbet’s role as a business director, coaching is about finding ways to showcase each individual’s unique strengths. It is a coach’s job to figure out how best to build a team out of individual athletes, and Peter Lord of Canbet does this with the same care and effectiveness as he does his business endeavors. Using his background in education and current management strategies, Peter Lord of Canbet leads his athletes to success both on and off the field.

Peter Lord of Canbet has enjoyed working with young athletes at in the rugby league and life saving communities, and has influenced hundreds of lives. He believes youth sports help build character and allow young people to grow and develop. By serving as a mentor for local youth, Peter Lord of Canbet fosters a positive space at a crucial moment of personal development.

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Peter Lord of Canbet: Active In His Community

Peter Lord of Canbet is a professional business consultant who lives and works in Kembla Grange NSW, Australia. He attended the University of Wollongong, where he earned a Bachelor of Education degree in 1990, and the Financial Services Institute of Australasia, where he received a Diploma of Financial markets in 2007.

Since completing his education, Peter Lord of Canbet has gone on to a successful career with Crescent Capital Partners, a leading Australian Private Equity Firm based in Sydney. Since then, he has worked with numerous international companies in various roles including CEO and Chairman positions. As a business consultant, Peter Lord of Canbet’s areas of expertise include Strategic Growth Management, the Development of Corporate Structures, Sales Planning and Programming, and Relationship Management.

Peter Lord of Canbet is also a devoted family man who is active in his community. He serves as a junior rugby league coach, and says that coaching allows him to reach out to young athletes to teach them not only rugby league skills, but also life lessons like good sportsmanship and the value of hard work.

Peter Lord of Canbet maintains a well-balanced life, both professionally and personally, and is committed to the maintenance of both a successful professional career and the strength and longevity of a supportive family. A professional with varied interests, he takes the time to be an integral and influential part of many people’s lives.

Peter Lord of Canbet also has a strong background with horses, and has been a volunteer life saver for more than thirty years.

Peter Lord of Canbet - Knowledgeable Horse Owner

Peter Lord of Canbet knows Thoroughbreds, having been a horse owner as well as having enjoyed the opportunity to work with horses for decades. His experience with horses, and with the equestrian arts, have allowed him to accumulate an extensive knowledge set of many different horse breeds, the various aspects of horse ownership and what it takes to achieve success in the field of horse racing.

The term “thoroughbred”, as Peter Lord of Canbet knows, is often mistakenly used to refer to a purebred horse, though the term technically refers to a specific breed—the thoroughbred. Thoroughbreds, as Lord knows, are perhaps best known for their considerable agility and speed, making them more suited than most other breeds for the sport of horseracing. Their athleticism also makes them a first choice for such equestrian-related events as jumping, polo and fox hunting.

As Peter Lord of Canbet knows, one of the most important things to consider and look for as a Thoroughbred owner is the physicality and overall health of the animal, which can deteriorate over time. These beautiful animals are known for continually performing at a very high level and with maximum effort, which often makes them prime candidates for numerous issues of health and a larger propensity for potential accidents.

Peter Lord Canbet has been passionate about the field of horse racing for many years, and is keen to staying up to date and aware of any of the latest developments and changes in the areas of training, breeding and more.

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