SANFORD jan 10


Math Checkpoint: Manipulatives

Where are the manipulatives? When teaching concepts do you/your students have ready access to manipulatives. The manipulatives can come in handy in a pinch when someone is not understanding something. Students also need to apply the use of the manipulatives to their work--drawing manipulatives, making their own models based on the manipulatives, showing their work, etc.

Math Checkpoint: Application

The main component of math instruction must be STUDENT DOING not TEACHER DOING. Ask yourself: How much time am I doing versus How much time are my STUDENTS DOING?

Problem solving by students should be a major component of math instruction daily. This anchor chart expresses this for students to reference.

UPcoming events

Jan 14 Lead Team Meeting 7AM; begin CNU class that is held at Sanford each Tuesday at 11AM

Jan 16 NNPS Lead Team goes to Implementation Team Meeting 430-630PM (see email from NNPS for various locations)

Jan 16 Report Card posting window opens

Jan 23 Title I Schedules Due (give to Jackie)

Jan 24 Teacher Workday

Jan 27 Staff Development Day (details forthcoming)

Jan 27 Reading Record Cards due

Jan 28 Reports cards completed for review

Jan 30 Family Fun and Fitness Night at Sanford

Jan 31 1/2 day for students

Jan 31 Retention candidate list due (if any) along with Analysis Sheet Part I

Feb 4 Report Cards issued

NN PTA Citizenship Essay Contest

Reminder to Grades 3-5 teachers. Entries for the NN PTA citzenship essay contest are due to me on January 27. I have to turn them into PTA by Feb. 1. Our goal is at least one entry per class.