R & R Candles

Hand Made Custom Candles

all of our candles are soy based which has a more natural burn. we also offer a jar recycling program where when you are done burning your jar candle you return it back to us and receive $1 off your next order.

no more than a weeks wait for your order!

all orders paid for in advance.

Our Candles:



peach, green apple, strawberry, lemon, lime, blueberry, mango, cannellaberry, cranberry.


Rose, lily of the valley, gardenia, lavender, lilac, rose garden,


baked apple pie, pumpkin pie, buttercream icing, butterscotch, caramel, oatmeal cookie dough


grandma's kitchen, vanilla lace, vanilla cream, romance, leaves, ylang ylang Mountain rain, Lake Shore (male scent), ocean breeze, english lavender, sweet temptation.

more available upon request!!

Also Available

apple candles, floating candles, votive, potpourri, hand painted wine glasses, color changing candle, reed diffusers.