Room 127 News

March 21st, 2016-Ms. McQueen Third Grade

Math Workshop

In math this week we continue with our fractions study. Students are working on equivalent fractions on a numberline. They are also solving story problems that involve fractions. We will wrap up our study on fractions this month, and in April we start geometry!

Reading Workshop

In reading this week we are working on fictional texts. We are looking at literary elements including plot, characters, setting and events. We will be reading and comparing multiple texts.

Social Studies

This week we will be starting our final Native American project! Students will be comparing the Northwest Coast Indians to the Great Plains Indians. This project should take us up to Spring Break, and perhaps a week after. They will be making fantastic posters to present their information.

EXTRA CREDIT!!: If students would like to complete an extra project to display something they've learned about the Native Americans, that would be wonderful! They can create a tipi, longhome, canoe etc. They could write a book, create a poster-the options are endless. Have fun with it!

Important Dates!

3/28: Pajama Day

3/29: Dress as your favorite book character

3/30: Polka Dot Day

3/31: 1960's theme

4/1: Mustache and Red Day

EARLY RELEASE AT 12:25 3/30-4/1

Headphones Needed!

We are reading audio books in class. If you have a pair of earbuds you could let your child bring to class to use that would be wonderful. Any donations would also be greatly appreciated.