By : Hope Harris

California Facts

My dream vacation is California . My destination is located in the United States . I want to visit this place because it has natural Landmark . Having the SIerra Nevada Mountains makes it great !

10 Interesting facts

  • commonly known as the “Golden State”
  • the capital is Sacramento
  • the largest city is Los Angeles
  • the second largest city is San Diego
  • the eighth smallest county is Alpine. This county is so small in size that is has no ATM machines, traffic lights, schools, or banks
  • San Bernardino County is the largest county in the entire country
  • Death Valley is located here
  • the official bird of this state is the California Valley Quail
  • the official animal is the California Grizzly Bear
  • the official state tree is the Redwood


It will take about 26 hours so roughly a day . It is 1,745.8 miles away . I will take Joanna Arreguin . I will get there by plane . I will stay a week .


I will stay in a 2 bedroom hotel with Joanna . My hotel is Parc 55 San Francisco, a Hilton Hotel, San Francisco, California . It has a Fitness Strenght Training area . It has Fitness Cardio Machines .


$229 per night for my hotel . We will be staying 6 nights , so it will cost $1,374 . Our flight will cost around $700 . We spend a lot of money on shopping , so around $1,000 on clothes , jewelry , anything ! The total will be roughly about $4,000 .


What to do while there

  • Heisler Park ( Laguna Beach )
  • Redwood National Park
  • Giant Forest
  • Glacier Point