Grandma Rosina Hall

A Chumash Indian

About her

Grandma Rosina was born in the 1960s.She grew up in Paso Robles,California and still lives their now.Her dad was an indian chief who was also in the military he died in August 2005.She never knew her mother but she does have stepmom who is still alive.

Obey your parents

What she learned

When my grandma was 8 years her dad told her to watch her sister.What she really wanted to do though was to play with other kids.So she did but since she was not paying attention her sister fell down the stairs.What made it even worse was that her sister was a baby.When her dad got home she got in big trouble and sat in the corner for hours.My grandma learned that you should always be responsible and to listen to your parents.
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Xavier Abarca

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