How to survive Alaska

Just remember to stay warm!!

Winter in Alaska

  • Temperature ranges from 30 to 40 degrees in January
  • Temperature can drop to -55
  • Average amount of snow 20 inches a year
  • December to March are the winter seasons

Surviving Alaska in Winter

  • Remember to bring lots of food and water
  • Bring food that is balanced and high energy
  • If run out of water - can melt snow with any source of heat
  • Be active to generate heat
  • To keep warm create a fire or bring hand and feet warmers

Summer in Alaska

  • Temperature ranges from 51 to 64 in July
  • Temperature can rise as much as 100
  • Wind and fog are common in the summer
  • Sun shines 20 hours a day

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By: Gabbi,Eric, and Graham

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