Major Conflict

The major conflict is the Nazis are controlling Denmark and the Jewish people have to leave their homes and go into hiding.

The Protagonist & the Antagonist

Protagonist- Annemarie

Antagonist- The Nazis

Other important characters- Ellen (Annemarie's best friend), Kirsti (Annemarie's little sister), Mrs. Johansen (Annemarie's mother), Mr. Johansen (Annemarie's father), Uncle Henrik, And Mr. and Mrs. Rosen (Ellen's parents).


Annemarie is ten years old and her best friend Ellen is Jewish. Ellen must leave Denmark and Mrs. Johansen, Annemarie's Mother, helps them escape the Nazis. Annemarie's has to be brave even though she is scared. Uncle Hendrik is hiding Jewish families on his boat to save them from the Nazis.
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The star of David

The star of David is from the bible. It was Ellen's necklace, and it's numbered by the stars of the universe.

Leading Question

How does the War make Annemarie grow up so fast?

Answer: She does not have time to play. Annemarie's best friend Ellen must move to get away from the Nazis.

By Julia Malumphy, B Period, May 10, 2012


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