Why Learn German

Top 10 Reasons to Learn German

Deutsch bei Ponderosa High School!

1. German at PHS is Fun! We have smaller classes! German Club and German Honor Society are also available.

2. German is the most widely spoken language in Europe. It is also the 3rd most learned foreign language in the world. Approximately 68 % of Japanese speak German.

3. Germany has the 4th strongest economy and is the #2 export nation in the world.

4. Knowing German creates business opportunities.

700,000 jobs in the U.S. are with German firms, such as Lufthansa, BASF, BMW, Siemens and Bosch.

5. Germans are the biggest spenders of tourist dollars in the world
In 2007, they spent 91 billion Euros on international travel.

6. Germans form the largest single heritage group in the U.S.

In the 2000 Census, 15.2% of Americans listed German as their ancestry.

7. German-speaking countries have a rich cultural heritage.

Famous Germans include: Mozart, Beethoven, Strauss, Wagner, Bach, Dürer, Nolde, Kirchner, Nietzsche, Kant and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

8. German is required or recommended by many undergraduate and graduate programs. These majors include a wide range of subjects -- from biology, physics, and chemistry to linguistics, religious studies, and art history.

9. Germany financially sponsors over 60,000 international exchanges each year.

10. German is not as hard as you think

Haus, Kindergarten, Gesundheit, Bratwurst, intelligent, dumm, Amerika, singen, Glas, beginnen, Adresse, interessant, fantastisch!

Be Unique-Learn German!

Why Learn German