News Anchor

By: Angelina Caracciolo

Why did I choose this career?

I chose this career, because it involves all the skills that I posess and enjoy. For example, being a news anchor, involves being skilled in reading and writing. I love to read, all kinds of books. I also love to write, writing is so much fun for me, it comes very easily to me and is a great way to express yourself. To be a news anchor you also need to be skilled in speaking. This is a very key skill, because you are being broadcasted on live television, or radio, and if people can't understand you, how would they get their news?

What is a news anchor?

How do you keep up with all the current events going on in your community, and even the world? The news! Well, news anchors are the people who basically host the news. They are the first person you see first, they greet you in the morning, or night, the afternoon, or any time of the day! News anchors educate viewers at home on events going on locally, nationally, and even internationally!

What education would I need?

To become a news anchors, the first step is to get a bachelors degree in journalism, communications, or any other related field. These 4-year degree programs include coursework in media ethics, editorial writing, visual technology and investigative reporting.
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How much money would I make?

Pay of a United States news anchor could fall from $32,000 and $132,000 per year. The approximate salary for a news anchor would be $57,000 per year.
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How many news anchor jobs are there?

Well, in the United States there are about 427 television news announcers or anchors!
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What is the future of this job?

I think the future for news anchors is very bright. As the world keeps creating more and more advanced technology to get news from (tv, phone, tablets, etc.) Newspapers are slowly fading out. Many people still read them, but majority watch the news on tv, which means broadcasting networks will be needing more and more news anchors, to host their shows.

Other related jobs

Besides a news anchor, they are multiple other jobs that would suit my interests. For example a journalist. This would be perfect for me, I love to write, and writing for a living would be amazing! Even a novelist would be a suitable career for me, the only difference is, with a novelist you could be a little more creative and do what you want. Any of these jobs would be a great career path for me.
Barbara Walters Video

This is a video interviewing Barbara Walters, a very well known journalist, and news anchor.