Help Cancer Patients!

By: Priya Lalloobhai

Hey all you fellas out there! Do you want to help save people who get diagnosed from cancer every year? Well, now's your chance! If you don't want to help, just hear me out! Every year 12.7 million people get diagnosed with cancer every year, and 7.6 million of them die. Together we can help by donating money to find a cure for them! This would be a great idea, because then we can help raise funds to find a cure for cancer research. Also, not only can we then increase survival rates, but we can also improve their quality of life! It is very important that you help us donate, because it can help our community stay strong, survive, and live a happy life! So, now let me ask you again. Do you want to help your family/community live? ...Yeah, that's what I thought!

To help raise money, scan the QR- Code and donate money to this cancer organization!

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