Semester Lights

A new start on Monday for the second semester.

Math in 5k

Symmetry is a concept taught in our Everyday Math program at each grade level. Below are some pics of 5K work to help the kids learn about the concept using snowflakes. It also shows a level of differentiation for students' abilities.


Our older students from Mrs. Iwanski's class work together with 5K students using READ-O to learn about non-fiction stories in our library. The students begin together in the classrooms to become acquainted and then go to work in our library. The activity is based on the BINGO concept where the kids work to fill in the blanks on the "card". Non -fiction books are being emphasized more in schools in recent years.

Look what we did together!

5K students in Mrs. Westrick's class collaborated as teams to build snowmen, like the one shown here. You can see more of them outside her classroom. I think they did a terrific job! Thanks Kids!
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Mike Budisch

We begin the second semester on Monday the 26th and we really hit the books during this third quarter stretch of school. The teachers have recent data on the children's reading and math skills which will drive the instruction for these areas. Thanks for your assistance with our work. Please send in soup for our community and support your favorite team!