Team Krause Newsletter


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-Patricia Rodela (Texas)


CONGRATULATIONS to these $500+ sellers:

Tyra Booe- $2,703

Laetitia Meneley- $2,693

Crystal McCullough- $1,940

Darlene Pecoaro- $1,446

Meagen Gagnebin- $717

Aj English- $714

Christa Preusser- $691


CONGRATULATIONS to our top Party Girls!

Laetitia Meneley- 7

Crystal McCullough- 4


CONGRATULATIONS to the following Dream Builders!

Jillian Krause- 1


Personal Sales: $1.000

Personal Recruits: 1

Number of Parties Held: 2

Team Sales (GEN 0): $13,307

Consultants (GEN 0): 18

Happy New Year- 31 Style!

Ring in 2016 with some posts on your VIP page this New Year's Eve! Consider posting these conversation starter questions every hour or half an hour leading up to the ball drop! Have fun with it and get people involved WITHOUT selling on your page. Happy posting!

Have you started your own Hostess of the Month Club yet?

If not, go for it! If you already have one, try to set up a SECOND one! These clubs are a great foundation to build a consistent business off of. Let's set up a time to talk if you have questions!
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Accountability Partner Paradise!

Do you have someone that has the same 31 visions as you as an accountability partner? Are you saying, "Accountability, what?!"...If so, message me so we can talk! I would love to help you find someone right up your alley within 31 Gifts (maybe even our team!) that you can go to to brainstorm, get support from, "WooHoo" with, and have to help you keep working towards your business goals- big or small! Your partner can live states away or in the same town.

If you want an accountability partner in 2016 please just send me a message!


Let's talk if so! Here are the benefits of being a leader:

  • Earn extra commission on personal sales
  • Earn overrides on team sales
  • Opportunity to earn bonuses
  • Opportunity to earn the leadership trip

Next year it is in the Dominican Republic!

  • Invitations to Directors Only events
  • Directors Only amenities
  • Recognition at National Conference
  • Help others achieve THEIR dreams

And the list goes on and on!

Any consultant has exactly what it takes to be a Director. You must know your goal, believe in yourself and be motivated to take the steps to make it happen! Remember, we ALL started the same way - with a $99 sales kit!

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I am here to help you on this fun journey of being a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant! Please reach out to me for anything you need help with. And a BIG thank you to each of you that help make Team Krause the very special team that it is each and every month!

I am available for phone, in-person or virtual meetings as well. Please just message me that you would like to set up a time to chat!