No Remorse

No Feeling. No regret? It's Not good For Your Health

How Can Social Competence Affect A Child To have No Remorse?

Well, As We Know Children's Social Competence Changes As They Grow, From Preschool Years To Middle School Years to Adolescent. Pro-social Skills, And Self-Control Skills Are Facets Of Social Competence. In Preschool Social Competence Involves the ability to separate from parents and engage with peers in shared play activities, particularly fantasy play. As These children Grow up they will develop a need for peer relation. If they get rejected by there peer they will develop a readily of depression.


  • Lower Self-Esteem
  • Feel lonelier
  • More dissatisfied with their social situations
These feelings can cause them to give up and avoid social situations
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I personally think this picture has a meaning . I think this picture is her trying to catch her feelings and just let them go. She has probably been hurt or let down so many times and thought nobody cared about her feeling so she decided she don't want to feel again. She wants to mourn all the memories So scorned.