September Newsletter II

or All the Things I Forgot to Share at Back-To-School Night

Thank you for attending Back-to-School Night

I really enjoyed the evening. It was fun and full of unexpected moments. I know that everyone is busy and that many of you attend several of these, so I thank you for coming and being such good listeners and active participants. :)

Luvtareed Reading Log booklet

I told you about the 25 books, but I forgot to tell you that the 4th grade teachers made a student booklet that supports the log. We worked so hard to have it completed and ready to share Thurs. night. How could I have forgotten? Each section defines the genre, suggests well-liked titles, and has a place for the student to record the books as they read. There is also an identified comprehension strategy and students will be asked to complete a product that shows an understanding of that strategy. For example, for Realistic Fiction every one will need to complete a sticky story arc for one of their books.

Instruction on strategy - my responsibility

Task completion - child's responsibility

Quality monitoring and help with meeting the Oct. 30th deadline - your responsibility

Look for the booklet to come home next Tuesday or Weds. Your child should be finishing his/her second book by Sept. 23, a week from today.

Volunteer Sign Up

Seriously??!! How did I forget to mention this. I need your support and assistance. I had an 11 x 7 sign-up sheet sitting on the table. People were offering to help, and yet... I think all the JiJi confessions were just too much for me. I, like Jamie, have entertained a lot of questionable ideas when drinking red wine, but none of them have involved a penguin or place value.

Lots of jobs. Please, look over the Volunteer List and if anything is of interest email me and I will begin to put together a schedule.

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Monday's Field Trip to Ballard Locks

We will be leaving from Blakely first thing in the morning. On the bus by 8:05. These parents have volunteered - Kim Hendrickson, Michele Fox, Michele Hobbs, Erin Kellogg, Joe Solseng, and Aurora Roesler. Everyone needs a sack lunch and a snack. It looks like it is going to be another sunny day!

Return of the Many Information and Consent Forms

Thank you. I have received a ton of these back, but if you have not returned the signed Class Dojo, Electronic Users, DIY, or the yellow emergency cards, please do.

Frogrock account

If students need to send me work or digital media, I like them to use the class email. That address is

DIY - Cool Stuff

DixieDawn05 (Alyson) earned her Chef Skills Patch. This last weekend, she did 3 challenges. Her family enjoyed the cupcakes, smoothies, and omelets. So very cool. Roxie12 (Esme), Champ02 (Callahan), Clementine13 (Morgan), and Memphis01(Owen) __ have also been very active.
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Owen's Arcade

His arcade will help him complete his Cardboarder skill patch. It was inspired by a video, Caine's Arcade.

Forgot to mention

I was chosen the Kiwanis Club Educator of the Year for 2014. I have to make the most of the title before the 2015 selection is made. Forgot to add it to the Some Things About Me slide in my presentation. Acknowledgement, bonuses, etc. are rare in the field of teaching and some current parents were helpful in my being chosen. I want them to know how much their support and this expression of it means to me.