Edmond Doyle News 3-23-2017

A big thanks to Jan Jackson for arranging a special visit for us from Adam Whitney, an OSBI agent. He talked to our 3rd and 4th graders about the importance of internet and phone safety. Please ask your child about what they learned today. He stressed the importance of their reputation and why it is so crucial for them to make good choices daily. Hopefully, they all came away with this-there are no secrets with our phones or the internet. Every time we use either one, we leave digital footprints. They were told to always let a trusted adult know if they see or hear anything inappropriate while on the internet or using a cellphone. We really appreciate both of them bringing this important message to our students.

Our PTO fundraiser is over. If you have not turned in your money or book-please do this today. It looks like our students have done a great job for our school. Thanks to everyone that participated!

1st and 2nd graders will take a Cognitive Abilities Test next week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Please make sure they are rested and on time.

On April 4th our 3rd and 4th graders will start taking their big state test. They have one more week to practice and prepare. Parents, please check over their homework and make sure they are doing everything correctly. For the rest of this week and until we are finished, please make sure they are rested, well, and on time. Thank you for your help. This test is stressful, but when our students are well prepared-it lessons the stress and makes it extremely possible for them to do well. When everyone has done their best, given their best effort, and has truly tried to listen and learn, success will be the end result! Successful students have strong support systems from home and school! We could not do our job without you doing yours! We are very thankful for our amazing home support!!