Using Credit Wisely

Evan Caniff

What's the difference in Credit and Debit Cards?"

Debit cards take money straight from your account while credit cards use credit that you have to repay later.

Three ways to develop a positive credit history!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Credit


  • Saves you time and trouble
  • Don't have to have cash or search for an ATM
  • It keeps track of your expenses and what you buy

  • Easy to Overspend
  • High Cost Fees
  • Unexpected Fees

What is APR and why is it important?

It is the annual rate you have to pay for borrowing money. It's important to know so when you sign up you know how much the percentage is and how much you'll have to spend and how much you'll owe.

When and Where can you order a free credit report?

You can check it once a year at the Federal Trade Admission. It's important so you can check it every year and see how your credit looks and make sure no one is spending your credit without you knowing.

Five Websites that help manage your money!

  • Buxfer
  • Yodlee Money Center
  • Mint - Tracks all your financial accounts in one place
  • Clear Checkbook - Tracks your spending from your phone
  • Mvelopes