All About Me

By Sanraj

25 accomplishments

1. Play basketball in high school
2. Get a scholarship to a good college/university
3. Get good grades throughout school
4. Get my university degree
5. Become a dentist
6. Learn how to cook
7. Own a nice house
8. Own a nice car
9. Learn different languages
10. Get a pet dog
11. Earn lots of money
12. Go skydiving
13. Go scuba diving
14. Go on a cruise
15. Travel around the world
16. Climb a mountain
17. Be a mentor to someone
18. Start my own business
19. See the northern lights
20. Always stay healthy
21. Go on a road trip
22. Volunteer at a hospital
23. Meet a famous person
24. Visit a Volcano
25. Fly in Helicopter
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15 Qualities of a Good Leader

1. They must help others
2. They should speak up
3. They should be confident
4. They should respect others opinions
5. They shouldn't give up
6. They should act like role models
7. Responsible
8. Trustworthy
9. Caring
10. Loyal
11. Brave
12. Cooperative
13. Honest
14. They create opportunities for others
15. They should motivate others

I Am Peom

I am funny and helpful
I wonder if aliens exist
I hear music playing
I see a a basketball
I want a pet dog
I am funny and helpful

I pretend to fly
I feel a tree
I touch a glass
I worry about not getting good grades
I cry when someone gets hurt
I am funny and helpful

I understand that I have to work hard to achieve my goals
I say that Bigfoot is real
I dream about monsters
I try to get smarter
I hope that I can be successful in life
I am funny and helpful

Famous quote

You miss one hundred percent of the shots you never take.

8 Verbs That Describe Me

Caring: I am caring because I try to care for people in need ofhelp.
Helpful: I am helpful because I try to help people whenever I can.
Responsible: I am responsible because I am trustworthy and loyal.
Kind: I am kind because i am caring.
Friendly: I am friendly as I always try to be nice to everyone.
Dependable: I am dependable because I always keep my promise.
Creative: I am creative because I come up with new ideas.
Respectful: I am respectful towards my friends, my teachers and my family.

Timeline Of My Life

2003: I was born
2004: Started talking
2005: I Started preschool
2006: Moved to a a new house
2007: Started junior kindergarten at Alloa
2008: visited india
2009: Started grade 1
2010: Got my first Ipod
2011: Started Tae Kwon Do
2012: Got a pet fish
2013: Got my black belt
2014: Started playing basketball
2015: Started grade 7

Only I can Be Me

Only I can be me because no two people in the world are exactly the same. Nobody in the world has all the same interests and hobbies as me that is why I can only be me.

For example I like to play basketball, eat pizza, watch t.v, play outdoors and read books. My favorite subjects are math and gym. I like math because I think that it is interesting and I like gym because it is fun and it is enjoyable. All those things make me who I am.

I have lots of good friends and family members and they are all great people to know. All those things contribute in making me myself.

If I could go anywhere

If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Egypt to see the pyramids. I would go to see these pyramids because I am interested in knowing how these pyramids were build long time ago without any machinery and heavy equipment. Another reason I would want to go is because I have heard about hieroglyphics and wall paintings in the pyramids and it would be cool to look at them and to learn more about them. Those are the reasons why I would like to visit Egypt.