My Digital Dossier

Asmaa.M 2003-2016


The doctors take pictures from inside my mother's belly, first ever glimpse of how I would look like when I'm born.I am born. My name, parents name, date of birth, my weight, time born and many other information is stored in a hospital computer and file. My parents call relatives in India to say that their having another baby and after to say when I was born. They send pictures of me to relatives in India and Canada to see me for the first time. A few months later I start crawling talking in baby language my parents send videos to friends and family to show how much I have grown. A year later Its my sisters 4th birthday so many pictures were taken of her and I with tons of family members at a park. A month later I am 1 so more pictures of me taken on many different phones and camera's, and more calls from India and family wishing me a happy birthday. I start watching a lot of tree house on the TV and start learning more and more different words. Soon I am turning 2.


Its my second birthday, more pictures now videos and phone calls from relatives. Now I am watching all the tree house shows, my favourite was Big Comfy Couch and Toopy and Bino. I start seeing my family use more technology my dad has a phone his own laptop and there is a computer that everyone shares. I also go outside a lot more with my family and every time I leave or enter a building I am being recording and that recording never goes away. When I am 3 and 4 I can respond to my relatives over phone. My parents take a ton of pictures to send back to India. I watch more TV but now it consists of Big Comfy Couch and TVO kids also some of my parents Indian shows. I also start Kindergarten when I'm 4 as my parents register me all my information the school needs about me gets stored in their computers for safety reasons. Then my junior kindergarten days begin. Many teachers take videos and pictures of me and my class when we are doing a presentation or when we go on field trips. I start senior kindergarten, I am 5. I begin to go to walk to and from school everyday with my mom. As I enter and exit my building I am still being recorded. After I come from school I turn on the TV and start watching Big Comfy Couch but its different now I start learning to copy what the puppet on the show does and I act it out every time I watch. After several months I finish kindergarten and a lot of pictures are taken. Now I am 6 in grade one and have changed school so information about my self is in another school now. My sister is 9 now and she watches YouTube a lot and sometimes I see what she's watching too. I go online and play a lot of Barbie makeup games on a site called girls go game.


Now this is about me in grade 2 and 3 being 7 than 8. I stop watching big comfy couch now I start watching a lot of TVO kids with my favourite being Arthur. I use to call my friend with the house phone right after school to see if she was going to watch Arthur to which she did. Also during this time I went to religious class and every time I enter and exit the elevator I am still being recorded. Next in grade 4 I grow out of those "kid shows" and start watching YTV and Family with my favourite shows being I Carly and Good Luck Charlie. I also get my first IPod where me and my very close friend at the time made videos called video diaries on our bus talking about random things. I start watching a lot of YouTube with my favourite youtuber being Glozell at the time. In grade 4 its also when I got a skype and Hotmail to be able to talk to my friend who currently lives on the other side of the world. I also go online and play a lot of games on In grade 5 I watched a lot of the same shows and now I talk to a lot of friends on my IPod by FaceTime or I message and on the phone. I watch way more YouTube and sometimes play games.


I am in grade 5 graduation now where pictures are being taken by the many parents and the teachers. I save all the pictures on my IPad. I take a lot of pics with my sister now too which go on her social media sometimes. Now I watch a ton of YouTube and watch more different TV shows now. In grade 6 and 7 nothing changes from grade 5 during the summer but I am still being recorded every time I enter and exit any building especially since I go to the mall a lot. This year my mom also got Facebook where she sometimes post pictures of me. I start using a lot more internet for school. That was just a glimpse into my digital dossier there is a lot more even as I'm typing this last sentence.