Throne of Fire

Report by Kofi Roker


There is many places that the main characters go to but it starts off with the kids in the Brooklyn Museum and their home is the Brooklyn House.
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Main Charaters

Carter Kane is a 15 year old magician that was the host of the Egyptian God of Sky Horus in the last book and is the Brother of Sadie. Sadie Kane is a 13 magician that was the host of the Egyptian God of Health, Marriage, and Wisdom Isis, and is the Sister of Carter. Amos Kane is a very powerful magician that is the host of the Egyptian God of Storms, Desert, Chaos and War Set, and is the Uncle of Carter and Sadie. Walt is a Descendent of the Pharaoh Akhenaten and friend of Carter and Sadie. Jaz is a healer/Magician and is the best friend of Carter and Sadie.
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The Egyptian Demon Apophis is planning on eating the sun and taking over the world. Carter, Sadie and their friends and Gods are trying to stop him, but the only way to stop Apophis is by finding and awakening the God of Sun Ra.
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Rising Action A

The first Rising action starts when Carter, Sadie, Jaz, and Walt break into the Brooklyn Museum to get the first part of the book of Ra. While entering the Museum undetected they manage to locate the scroll/ part of the book that is inside a statue of the God Khnum. As Sadie is getting the scroll it activates a series of magical spells and summons a Griffin to attack them. Walt try's to make a escape while the rest of the friends handle the Griffin but Walt activates another spell that releases a bunch of evil sprits. One of those spirits are being controlled by Apophis and slows down time to tell Carter to stop their quest or Zia Rashid will die in her tomb. They finally take care of the sprits and Carter tames the Griffin, the Griffin helps the kids escape the museum and get back home.
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Rising Action B

The next Rising action happens after they find the last pieces to the book of Ra and Carter and Sadie are at the Twelfth House fighting Vladimir Menshiov. Vladimir is being possessed by Apophis and is trying release him but Carter and Sadie get to Vladimir and fight him. As they are fighting Desjardins shows up to help the kids against the fight. In the middle of the fight Sadie decides to read the spell of Ra's third aspect from the book of Ra, a golden scarab appears in Sadie's hand but this causes Apophis to be released from his prison. Desjardins quickly banishes Apophis and dies from using to much energy, but before dying he tells Carter and Sadie that Apophis will be back.
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The Resolution is Carter, Sadie and their friends not able to revive/ awaken Ra and heal Bes and Walt. Apophis is going to soon and nobody know when or how and Sadie are asking every magician to help them with the fight against Apophis. Will you join the fight.....
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