Frist Continental Congress!

BY: Samantha

September 5, 1774,Philadelphia, Pennsylvaina

We don't want the taxes for little thing and we want the harbor to open again. We need to meet at the city hall so we can talk about problems with the British like all the taxes, closing the Boston harbor, and letting the British soldiers stay in our houses. I told the Delegates about this except Georgia. Meet at the Philadelphia City Hall. We need the food for my family and the people that have a big family and the women that really need flower for the Bakery. The town need the food, water, cloth, dishes, and shoes. Georgia don't want be in this because they like the British goods.

How To Solve My Problem

This Is A Need Not A Want

This meet is for own good! This a need not a want we need you to come because this is like a law but it's not. In order to talk we need King George III to make it more hard for you to say yes to stop and no to go on! This is letter from Delegate Samantha.

Come OR We Will Make You Come

This is a warning is you don't come to the meeting!