Death Cultures

By: Davis Ellwanger


Because of the large Christian and Islamic population of the country they believe after death you either go to heaven or hell. However, only burials happen in Djibouti you can't be cremated, it isn't illegal there just are zero cremation facilities. Because of the extreme heat in Djibouti the body must immediately be sent to the coroner (which they only have one of). Djibouti has what we would think of as a "traditional" funeral ceremony they have a visitation/viewing, followed by a formal funeral service, and then the body is transported to the cemetery by hearse. Speaking occurs during the service, usually led by a pastor with few select friends, and/or family giving remarks about how great of a person they were. In Djibouti they also wear black to funerals in order to mourn the deceased.


A common burial is the most common thing to do after someone dies, however cremation is becoming a growing trend. The ashes of the deceased are not allowed to be kept a private residence. You have to rent a burial plot, you do not just pay upfront and get to keep it forever. Luxembourg has similar funerals as the US they have a service lead by a leader, usually a pastor, with speeches made from close family and/or friends, with a receiving at the conclusion of the service. Then the body is sent to be either buried, or cremated.
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Federated States of Micronesia

Death is an occasion of great feasting for all the cultures/tribes present. Many different tribes are present in Micronesia, but in general the first feast is usually 3 or 4 days of intense mourning and the burial itself. Formal mourning with friends and family may last for several months. Also, the "death anniversary" is often celebrated with feasts each year. The body is buried quickly without a service, and without having a service. A speech is not given about the deceased, but there is a long period of mourning. Because of Christian Ideals displayed to the people when Britain colonized the Island they do believe the person will either go to heaven or hell, but the soul may try to reach out to a relative at some point form the other side.