Cultivating Mindfulness

The Healing Room at Heartspace

Module Three - 60 minutes

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Mindfulness is a technique of meditation in which distracting thoughts and feelings are not ignored but are rather acknowledged and observed non-judgmentally, as they arise, to create a detachment from them and gain insight and awareness.

This type of meditation also focuses awareness on breathing and encourages positive attitudes to achieve a healthy, balanced mental state. Mindful meditation is recommended for reducing reactions to stress because it produces a relaxation response, lowers the heart rate, reduces anxiety, and encourages positive thought patterns and attitudes.

Practicing mindfulness meditation can cultivate self-awareness, and nonjudgmental, loving, kind, and compassionate feelings toward yourself and others. This includes being nonjudgmental, loving, kind, and compassionate toward your most distressed, hurting, or extreme parts. Try to remember they are parts of you and there is a reason they feel the way they do, and do what they do. You will learn more later about how you can help them more directly, but mindfulness is an essential first step.

This module can be repeated as often as you wish -- and once you are familiar with the methods, combined with different yoga poses and stretches, as well as orienting, grounding, and resourcing from the earlier modules.

Use your awareness of parts; acknowledge & unblend as you go.


  • Start with the beautiful little book, Pausitivity: Take a Moment to Nurture Yourself. It is a refreshing and very short book. Stretch and breathe.
  • Read 'Discover the Benefits of Mindfulness,' pages 14-17 in the Mindfulness Manual. Stretch and breathe.
  • Read 'Live Life in the Moment,' pages 8-12 in the Mindfulness Manual. Stretch and breathe.
  • Read 'Clear Your Mind,' pages 18-22 in the Mindfulness Manual. Stretch and breathe.
  • Try one of the meditations on p. 21.
  • Read 'The Power of Mindfulness' edition of Yoga Journal: page 29.
  • Consider how to combine these meditations with orienting, grounding, and resources. Stretch and breathe.
  • Hold the 'Love' stone, feel its weight and smoothness, look at its color and shine. Feel the inscription. Close your eyes. Notice what comes up for you. Stretch and breathe.
  • Twirl the fidget-spinner. Listen to the sound it makes as it spins. Stretch and breathe.

Use Any of the Materials

Use any of the materials in The Healing Room as a starting point for your next mindfulness module. All of the cards, books, meditations, poses, positions, and the products of your previous work can be the place you begin a mindful experience of restoration and healing.

Let mindfulness and your creativity to lead you spontaneously to the place you need to go.

Take Your Time/Repeat

All modules are intended to be done unhurried & at your own pace. The designated timeframes are really just a guess. If you don't finish the module you are doing in the allotted timeframe, just note where you left off and schedule another time where you can finish the module. It is also helpful to repeat modules and alter them for your own individual purposes.

Providing feedback in the private group blog at will help us make modifications in estimated time, and improve the overall experience of using The Healing Room.

Alternating Bilateral Stimulation

Remember, The Healing Room is set up with a stereo system that can provide audible Alternating Bilateral Stimulation (ABS) which is a component of EMDR therapy (Eye-Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing). The unique Alternating Bilateral Stimulation sample played continuously in The Healing Room is called Ocean Crossover and mimics ocean waves moving back and forth across the room at a gentle low volume in the background. It has a relaxing effect and supports the neural integration of new perspectives and healing of negatively charged memories, particularly when it is paired with specific tasks.

*Having the ABS playing at a volume loud enough to hear it, but low enough that it seems to fade into the background while you learn these skills, is optimal.