Roman Catholic

By: Sami Saltzman


Who was it founded by????


It started about 33 C.E.

Organization of the religion

The leader is Pope Francis, and they all whorship together in a chruch.

Their sacred text is the bible.


Some of their beliefs are like.... going to church every Sunday or celebrating Jesus birth.

Also they believe in the 7 sacraments Baptism, Reconciliation, Holy communion, Confermation, Marriage, Holy orders, annointing the sick. They also believed in ONLY one god. You should go to church aat least once a week and Sundays.


There are 1.2 billion followers worldwide!!!!

78,200m in the us

some fun facts!!!!

Interesting facts!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. Jewish started part of the religion!

2. Paul was the first pope.

3. Catholic families believed in havign alot of children so their religion could keep growing.

4. The word Catholic means universal