A Change in Thought

With Social Media

What is Media/Media Literate?

I think media means the overall categorization of social network such as the internet, news, television, and anything that involves with what goes on around the world. We use the internet to find out stuff that is occurring around the world such as CNN, email, and others. Social media is what everyone uses today on their smart phones and tablets. We use social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and etc. to see what is happening in your friends’ lives and around you. It has become such a big part of everyone’s lives and is used daily for multiple hours. For television, there are channels to help learn different things about the world; such as other countries’ actions and fantasy/cartoons. Books are different way of explaining things that happened in the past. Schools use textbooks to teach students history and philosophies that were founded long time ago, and is a big part of a students’ curriculum. To be media literate, it means that a person uses or creates media in different forms. Almost everyone in the world is media literate today because there are free distributions of media everywhere. Not only that, but phones these days are all coming out as smart phones, and these devices provide an app store to download free apps that are included as media. In these Medias, people create posts that show what they are doing or what is happening. People can follow or add each other to be able to access personal information. Not only that, but other news businesses are creating social media accounts to share their news.

What is Dystopia?

Dystopia is a world in which everything is imperfect and everything goes terribly wrong. Dystopian literature shows us a nightmarish image about what might happen in the near future. Usually the main themes of dystopian works are rebellion, oppression, revolutions, wars, overpopulation and disasters. Everything is unpleasant or bad, typically totalitarian or environmentally degraded one. On the other hand, utopia is a perfect world complete opposite of dystopia.
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Recently, dystopian stories have been very popular to our society. Based on my knowledge, I think most people like dystopian stories is because they like to read about how things can go wrong with our future. Our society may be considered corrupt in the U.S., but it is yet to be a pure dystopian society. People like to read these stories so that they can have knowledge ahead of time to make a change before anything crazy happens. Also, many of these stories are very interesting because they have so many characteristics that can be related to the present. This helps create who and what one wants to be in the future.


In the Budweiser’s Super Bowl XLVIII commercial “A Hero's Welcome,” nationally known beer company, argues that “Every soldier deserves a welcome home” and in the process shows the amount of respect the soldiers deserve for their life risking effort.

Budweiser illuminates their idea of a perfect welcome home by showing the love and care that their soldiers’ city and neighbor’s presentation to show that soldiers should be well honored for their life-risking jobs.

The author’s purpose of presenting this commercial is in order to show that every soldier should have an exciting and huge welcome home to show their gratitude for the things the soldiers do to protect their country; in fact, Budweiser includes strong emotions among both the soldier and the people.

Barry’s ostensible audience are people who know someone who served in the military because he opens and closes by directly showing the many people that know the soldier are extremely happy and appreciate of the work that was done in an exciting and semi-sad tone.

Prince Ea's message "Can We Auto-Correct Humanity"

Prince Ea’s message in “Can We Auto-Correct Humanity” is very inspiring to my life because it shows how realistic our world has really become. Social media has taken over our lives in a way no one ever expected to. To ensure this doesn’t become a reality, there are many things I can do to protect the disconnection that social media brings. Just like a video like this, I can use the power of social media to spread the video and show how the world has become so corrupt. By using social media to spread it, it will have a greater impact of spread because so many people are ALWAYS on it. Not only that, but clubs in schools are a great way to spread the word and perform actions to make a change. For example, I can try to push forward for the principal to allow me to make the club so that others are more aware of how their life really is (Not Good). Many teenagers will at least be more aware and make an effort to spend less time on social media and tell their friends. This social media addiction is like a drug, you can’t really get rid of the addiction. Only some people can control up to a certain extent (very rare). Many people nowadays are so ignorant of what the world has really become and ignore the things that are really changing their lives. Therefore, it is nearly impossible to change the whole world to stop the use of social media. Even if we become our government forms the United States into a dystopian society, there will be so many who oppose this form of action, and it will be pure chaos. Some people already see the use of this much social media has immoral, and if people aren’t able to control it, the amount of time we humans spend together will be completely gone. Eventually, technology will advance so much that we will almost feel like we are right next to each other when we really aren’t. I am going to harness social media and technology by using it for its proper use. The amount of time we all spend on social media is ridiculous and I will begin using social media WAY less than I normally do. Also, there are so many thoughts that go around when using social media. For example, so many people care about how many friends they have on Instagram or Facebook, and ignore the real purpose. Therefore, I will try to prevent these kinds of thoughts from getting inside my head. Rather than using social media to discuss drama and upload pictures of food, I am going to harness its ability to continue to spread the idea that social media has taken over our lives.


My view on media literacy has changed/deepened a lot since my initial ideas because of all the new things I learned throughout this course. All the things I thought about media literacy were for its proper use. However, I’ve learned throughout the course that social media is more than just helping students get to know each other better, or getting to know information around the world. People rather use this as a way to gossip without saying it to another persons’ face or a way to be able to talk to other people without having to meet somewhere. Everyone has gotten so much lazier and unthoughtful because of social media. This class is so much different than any other Language Arts class I took because this class involved using our technologies so much more. Using our technologies for the course of this class showed how technologies’ proper use has disappeared due to social media. Also, the students were able to interact with each other more about books or articles that we read in class. This allowed most of us to get to know our other classmates more efficiently. In order to make this class better in the future, there should be Socratic Seminars so that each individual had an opportunity to discuss their own opinions. In my previous Language Arts classes, Socratic Seminars helped each student become more socially active. Also, it would be better if our assignments were graded faster so the students would be more aware of what their grade looked like. Overall, this course has impacted my life by showing what technology should really be used for. Also, this class increased my participation in classroom assignments because every student was more involved with our discussions.