Modern Era


The Ottoman Empire

Tanzimat Reforms: Ottoman reforms began in the late 19th century when the Sultan Selim III wanted to reorganize the army by using European techniques. But opposition to his ideas were so strong that he was overthrown and murdered in 1807. Several decades later, reformist measures known as the Tanzimat, which means reorganization, formed as the Ottoman leaders sought to provide economic, social, and legal support to a new centralized state. All of these things began a long process of modernization and Westernization in the Ottoman Empire. Examples include factories, Western-style law codes, schools, telegraphs, railroads, modern postal service.

"The Sick Man of Europe": the term "the sick man of Europe" is given to a European country experiencing a time of economic difficulty. The Ottoman's were falling under the control of European powers and had lost much territory because of wars during the reign of Nicholas I. (See picture below)

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