Superhero Tuesday Times

Elite 11 Portfolio, Dalia Denise Flores - ILD

October 13, 2015

Happy Tuesday Superheroes!

It was great seeing everyone at last week's Elite 11 Portfolio Meeting! I can't thank the Celia Clinton team enough for their hospitality and generosity. I also wanted to say thank you for your focus and attention to the day's learning as well as your thoughtful preparation and sharing of your Super Tool! Below you will find follow-up information I promised to share with you after our meeting. Please be sure to reach out and let me know if there is something I've missed.

As a reminder, I will be traveling to RELAY this Thursday through Sunday. If you need me please don't hesitate to reach out anytime via phone or email.

Have a great week!


October Portfolio Meeting Follow-Up

Portfolio Meeting PowerPoint Presentation

As promised please find the link to the presentation used during our meeting. I have also re-shared the Elite 11 Superhero Academy Binder folder with you so that you can access all documents we've referenced thus far.

Supervision & Feedback: Teach Like A Champion/TLE Alignment Document

Remember to use both this and the Rookie Teacher Guide (gold document) as tools to support you as you pick action steps that are 1)Highest leverage, 2)Bite-sized, and 3)Measurable.

ELA Presentation: Electronic Progress Chart

Natalie Hutto sent this link over for you to access. She promised to share it with you as a follow-up to the work we did around running records.

Math Presentation: Performance Levels by Grade & Reports Guide

During the Math SMI presentation you were introduced to performance levels by grades, the School-To-Home Report, as well as the Instructional Planning Report. The following links will take you to the performance level chart as well as a SMI Reports Guide that will be helpful when taking this learning back to your teachers.

Principal As Professional Development Leader: Chapter 1

This is the chapter which I referenced when talking about the roles of the Principal as Professional Development Leader as well as the checklist items.

Online PDF Converter

This is the website we talked about that will help you convert PDF documents to word or excel. This is especially helpful when pulling reports on NWEA or SAM which are in PDF in order to convert them to excel for data sorting and drill down.

Power Up! Choosing the Right Device

During the Blended Learning presentation we had several comments which referenced the need for guides to help you identify the best device to fit your needs. While these types of tools are being considered and built for you, I wanted to share the following article which recently came out in ASCD regarding this very topic!

FLEXI Template

This link will take you to the word document which I've created for use with my FLEXI. At the portfolio meeting each of you were given a FLEXI by me during our Lunch & Learn. Please feel free to adapt this template to fit your needs. Additionally, there is a really great site for both teachers and leaders called The Together Teacher ( which has additional ideas/tools. All you have to do is sign up for a free account. Remember to use the "snipping tool" from your start button to snip a picture of your outlook calendar and paste into the open space in this doc.

Data Informed Instruction

During our discussion regarding use of data to inform small groups I shared a link to the Curriculum Ladders which are a great resource for teachers to use when planning instruction and support to small RIT groups.

OU Health Data

You received a hard copy of your OU Health Data as well as reflection questions to guide our discussion of your results. I will send you a soft copy of your report this week.

October/November Site Visit Focus

During our portfolio meeting I shared the following areas of focus for the October/November months:

  1. TLE Calibration (only a few of us left on this list)
  2. OU Health Data Discussion
  3. Individualized Data Support (thank you for your feedback on what you need)
  4. Post Observation Feedback Video Review & Discussion
  5. Balanced Literacy Implementation & Guided Reading Lesson Observation
  6. PLC Observation & Feedback

You should have received calendar invites for items #1-5, and you will receive a calendar invite for #6. I will plan on observing you lead a PLC sometime between the last week of October and the month of November. We will discuss the details of this visit during your next 1:1 site visit.

Year To Date Attendance

A missed school day is a lost opportunity for students to learn. Our attendance goal is 95%, and this week's shout outs go to Mitchell, Disney & McKinley for meeting and exceeding our YTD Attendance goal! The rest of us are trending upward...we can do this!

Color Coding Legend:

95% and above - Green (Meets/Exceeds the goal)

93% - 94.99% - Yellow (Progressing towards meeting the goal)

Below 93% - Red (On the rise towards the goal)

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Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15)

I hope you've enjoyed celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month. Below you will find the last week of events. Additionally, CNN has a great story titled Significant Moments in Hispanic History which can be found at:

This week in Latino History...

October 11, 1972 - Panama adopts the Constitution of the Republic of Panama.

October 12, 1811 - Paraguay declares its independence from Spain and Argentina.

October 13, 1987 - Costa Rican president Oscar Arias wins the Nobel Peace Prize for a plan designed to put an end to the cruel civil wars that were devastating Central America.

October 14, 1962 - A U.S. U-2 aircraft took several pictures clearly showing the construction of nuclear missile in Cuba. These pictures were the onset of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

October 15, 1522 - Emperor Karel I names Hernan Cortez governor of Mexico.

click here to teacher resources from

National Bullying Prevention Month

October 21, 2015 represents Unity Day. On this day we encourage everyone to wear ORANGE as a message of support, hope and unity against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.

Visit for more information.

Upcoming Dates

  • 10/17 National Black Poetry Day
  • 10/19 Required Child Abuse Law and Policy Training
  • 10/21 National Unity Day