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South Central Jr-Sr High School Weekly Update 3/11/16

This Week in PLCs

We will continue working on familiarizing ourselves on the SAMR model and technology integration in the classroom. Please check the PLC calendar for specific details.

Also, don't forget to check out Tech Monday! Mrs. Kammrath will be starting with some basics about Google Classroom this week. If you haven't used Google Classroom yet, this is a really important session for you to attend!

1:1 Update

If you were curious about the general perception of the high school faculty regarding 1:1 technology integration, or wondering how your feelings compare to the group's, here are some graphs to give you a general idea of everyone's perception. This data came from the Google Form activity we did in our faculty meeting on Tuesday.
Big image

1=Scared to death... 5=Super excited!

Big image

1=I'm clueless... 5=Bring my Chromebooks tomorrow!

Building Project Update

The "Big Move" continues this week! We are now scheduled to move the office out of our area so that the construction can begin on the high school side. Here is where everyone is going:

  • Ms. Wood will move into the Elementary conference room, which is right next to Mr. Anderson's new office. This move will happen on Wednesday.
  • Officer Lanoue is moving into the office next to Lindsay Dieter's office. This is the room that Patty Hardin was using as the temporary elementary office. Officer Lanoue will be sharing this space with Erin Childress, the school psychologist. He will move in on Tuesday.
  • Ms. Homann will move into the "ticket" office in front of Mr. Scott's office. She will move out on Friday.
  • Mr. Scott, Mrs. Randall, and Mrs. Rosebaum will not need to move.

We will all be very cramped for space throughout the next several weeks as they complete the office renovation. Please keep this in mind if you need to schedule any conferences, as there will no longer be much of a space to hold meetings in my office. We will have to utilize the board room when we can, and otherwise may need to hold some things in classrooms that are empty at various times during the day.

This part of the construction is scheduled to last through the end of the year. We appreciate your patience and flexibility as we get ourselves situated the best we can!

Carry-in Lunch Update

We had no volunteers to manage carry-in lunches for April or May, so we will not move forward with that idea. Thanks to all who participated in the lunches we had this year!

This Week's Commitee Meetings

This week, the following committees are meeting:

  • Technology Committee, Wednesday 3pm (Curt Masson, Jarad Miller)
  • Teacher Evaluation, Thursday 3pm (Jill Stepanek, Dan Siford, Curt Masson)

If you have concerns that should be discussed through these committees, please seek out one of the committee members and share it with them so that they can bring it up at the meeting!

Something to Make you SMILE!!! :)

Even though it might make you sad that we have to come to school on Friday, it should make you very happy that it's looking like we will ACTUALLY BE DONE WITH SCHOOL ON MAY 20!!!!!

Have A Suggestion?

Do you ever come up with an idea, but you're not sure if it's any good? Have you had an idea about a way something could be improved, but you're not sure how to suggest it? I have created an online ANONYMOUS suggestion box for anyone to use to make a suggestion, offer an idea, or voice a concern.

Use this link to submit your idea:

Please note that all suggestions will be read and considered, but circumstances may prevent implementation of some ideas.