By: Jared McCartney and Audry Vorabouth


"The prevention by law of the manufacture and sale of alcohol. especially in US between 1920 and 1933."

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Time Frame

1830- " Temperance movements begin advocating for abstinence from alcohol."

1847-"First prohibition law passed in Maine."

1869-"National prohibition is founded."

1920- United States was involved with the Eighteenth amendment about prohibition.

1920-1933- It was a Nationwide constitutional ban.

Picture- The United States was involved with the prohibition law.

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Social Problem

1. "Massive social experiment that failed." Giving us a lesson about "victimless crimes" about gambling, drugs"


"The prohibition movement strength grew, especially after the formation of the Anti- Saloon League in 1893."

Leader- Johnson William E.

The Video

The video shows how prohibition affected the community.

The Leader

  1. An American prohibition advocate and law enforcement officer.
  2. Nickname- "Pussyfoot Johnson"
Stated himself "Did i ever lie to promote prohibition? Decidedly yes. I have told enough lies for the cause to make Ananias ashamed of himself."

Analysis: He's lied to try to make America great again.

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The goal of Prohibition was to reduce the amount of alcohol with consumption.


The goal was not achieved, because it created organised crime.

"United States was moving forward towards Prohibition" while "Texas became dryer and dryer."

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