Act 3 Scene 5

Hannah Abbe and Kalie Bourassa

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Act 3 Scene 5 is set late at night, just before daybreak in Capulet's orchard and then Juliet's room and balcony. Romeo is about to leave Juliet as the two say their final goodbyes to one another. Nurse comes and warns Juliet that Lady Capulet is on her way up to Juliet's room, so that Romeo can leave before getting caught. Before Romeo runs off into the orchard, Juliet tells him that he looks dead, as if he is in his grave. Romeo says the same about her. When Lady Capulet arrives, she asks Juliet why she is still crying. Lady Capulet thinks that it is still over Tybalt's death. To make Juliet feel better, Lady C says that she will send a hitman to kill Romeo, whom she calls a villain, in Mantua. At this, Juliet replies with verbal irony, saying that the villain is miles away from Romeo. Lady Capulet also tell Juliet that she will be marrying Paris on Thursday. Juliet refuses to marry him, knowing that she has already consummated her marriage with Romeo just a short time ago. Lord Capulet comes up to Juliet's room, noticing that she is still crying. He soon realizes why Juliet is weeping, and gets mad at Juliet for denying marriage to Paris. Lord Capulet threatens and mocks Juliet, telling her that she will be disowned if she does not show up at Saint Peter's church. When Lord and Lady Capulet leave, Juliet asks Nurse her opinion on the situation. As Nurse takes the Capulet's side in the argument, by telling her to forget Romeo and marry Paris, Juliet grows even angrier and tells Nurse she is heading to Friar's cell to ask for forgiveness. Nurse does not know that Juliet is furious at Nurse. Instead, Juliet goes to Friar's cell to ask his opinion on the ongoing problem. Juliet decides from this moment on that she will be keeping all of her secrets from Nurse.
kick me by sleeping with sirens clean version (the version copeland can listen to)

Song Explanation

Kick Me by Sleeping with Sirens fits Act 3 Scene 5 because the message the song is portraying relates to how Juliet is feeling. The lyric "Kick me while I'm down" relates to Juliet because she is already upset about Romeo having to leave for Mantua after being banished. She already undergoing a lot of emotions, and then her parents come and make her even more angry by forcing her into a marriage with Paris. The other lyrics "you don't know a single thing about me" corresponds to Romeo and Juliet's relationship. Lord and Lady Capulet don't know about their marriage or that they are even together at all.