Robison Wells

Shreya Tamma 3rd Period

Name of Book: Variant

Author: Robison Wells

Number of Pages: 373

Genre: Science Fiction

Lexile Level: 640L


Throughout the book, the character who changed the most was Benson Fisher. At the beginning of the story, he was a typical teenager. Towards the middle of the book, he became more emotional, in the sense that he wanted to escape from the razor-wire fence surrounding the school. And finally, in the end of the book, Benson seemed to become more aggressive, like he would do anything to save himself and his friends.

Here are the reasons I think he changed:

Benson realized that escape from this school was going to be almost impossible

Benson saw his friend rip her ear off uncontrollably

Benson experienced getting beaten by a robot-possessed human

In my opinion, Lillian Paterson was a minor character that had major importance in the story. Lillian (Lily) was a character that died trying to escape from Maxfield Academy. It was said that she was run over by a car while she was crossing the nearest highway; 50 miles from Maxfield. Lily was an important character in this story because she was one of the first students who tried and succeeded in crossing the brick wall surrounding the school. Lily was mentioned throughout the story as being a brave, courageous girl who dreamed of accomplishing a near-impossible feat.


The ending of Variant was a cliffhanger. In other words, the story culminated and ended before descending down the plot diagram. The ending left an anticipating effect on me because it stopped at the point where Benson sees the girl* he thought was dead, alive. The sudden pause of the story made me anxious, and I was hungry for more. Even though the ending left me hanging, I think it was the best part of the book because it finally confirmed my suspicion: that Jane* was still alive.

Visual Descriptions


I think this book was similar to Iqbal because the stories in both books revolve around characters who are trapped in a place or situation, and are denied of freedom.

*the girl's name is Jane