Live It up in Bolivia


  • 37 official languages (spanish is most commonly used)
  • Women wear big skirts called polleras and shawls called mantas
  • Honesty is valued
  • Bolivians like to go to festivals
  • Town Plazas are the hot-spots for fun! They include internet cafes on every corner, and arcades called tilines
  • Futbol is the national sport


  • Mountain Climbing, Ancohuma

  • Mountain Biking, Cordillera Real

  • Nature, Eduardo Avaroa National Park

  • Play the Archeologist, Tiwanaku

  • Festival, Carnaval

  • Lake Titicaca

  • Salar de Uyuni, the beautiful mind-boggling salt flats

  • Yungas Road

  • Sorata

  • La Paz, the capital city of Bolivia

Famous People!

  • Víctor Paz Estenssoro- president (died June 7th, 2001)

  • Marina Núñez del Prado- artist

  • Jaime Escalante- famous calculus teacher

  • Simón Ituri Patiño- rich industrialist

Current Events in Bolivia

Purring Monkey,(a vegetarian piranha). The flame-patterned lizards. These are the new kinds of species of the 400 that have been recently been found in the Amazon Rainforest in Bolivia. These two are the newest of plants and animals found in the past four months. throughout the four years of searching they found 258 plants,84 fish,58 amphibians, 22 reptiles, 18 birds and one mammal. Even the though the total is only 441 it doesn’t include insects and all of the other invertebrates.


  • used to have dictatorships
  • named after Simon Bolivar
  • Simon Bolivar was first president
  • won independence in 1825
  • Bolivia has 9 provinces
  • Capital city is La Paz

What you'll need!

Here's your go-to survival guide for going to Bolivia--any time, any place!

Bolivia is a country that has no gradual change of weather when it enters summer or winter. There is a "rainy season" and a "dry season". So depending on when you go (December and January are the hottest months, between September and May are hot, humid and rainy) here's what you'll need for the different regions:

The Central Valleys of Bolivia are more temperate and cool, so sweaters and coats are great. Fleece jackets are good too to keep you warm.

The Northwest Valleys of Bolivia are hot and humid, because of their altitude. Wear short sleeved shirts and bring a water bottle!

The Tropical Lowlands of Bolivia are hot and humid, but also rainy and windy. Short sleeve shirts and shorts are okay, but bring an umbrella, a raincoat, and rain boots too.

Camera to take pictures of the scenic plateaus of Bolivia.

Hiking Equipment if you plan to be hiking.

Backpack is also essential if you plan to hike, and also good for walking around.

Culture Paragraph

Bolivia is a country located between Peru and Chile. The culture there is very unique. There are 37 official languages, Spanish being the big one. Bolivian women wear big, colorful skirts called polleras and shawls called mantas. Family is a very important part of life. Honesty is valued very much, as well as being respectful like in any country. Keeping eye contact while talking is essential. If you don't keep eye contact it shows suspicion or being distrustful.

For fun, Bolivians watch TV, visit friends and go to festivals. Town Plazas are always the hot-spot for fun. Internet Cafés are on every corner, there are arcades called tilines. And of course, Fútbol (soccer) is the national sport. People gather around to watch games, and kids play for fun because it requires little equipment.

Economy Paragraph

(Bolivian Bonds sell in the US)Bolivia’s foreign currency has miraculous gone up to 13.7 billion dollars, marking a new and high In the amount that Bolivia has ever had or ever saved. The government has said that the reason for the huge growth is because of bolivian bonds. With the issue of the U.S. stock market.

History Paragraph

Bolivia is an amazing place to visit and learn about. It used to have dictatorships, but now has a democracy. Some of the old dictators were Luis García Meza Tejada and Hugo Banzer. A few of the presidents are (also) Hugo Banzer and Eduardo Rodriguez. The Bolivian president today is Evo Morales. A couple of laws in Bolivia are not to have or do drugs or else you will face many harsh punishments and you will be questioned or detained if found at illegal bars.

Many historical events shaped Bolivia into a place people would want to visit. One of the historical events was in 1825 when Simon Bolivar (whom Bolivia is named after) frees the Bolivian people and also had Bolivia win its independence from Spanish rule. Simon later became the first president of Bolivia.

Government Paragraph

Bolivia has a democratic government, like the US. The country is split into 9 provinces; Chuquisaca, Cochabamba, El Beni, La Paz, Oruro, Pando, Potosi, Santa Cruz, Tarija. Both the president and vice president are voted in, and serve five-year terms. The current president is Evo Morales.