Bipolar Disorders

Psychological Disorders

Psychological Disorders:

Behavior patterns or mental processes that cause serious personal suffering or interfere with a person's ability to cope with everyday life.

Bipolar Disorder of classifications:

Bipolar Disorder (manic depression) causes extreme mood swings. These include emotional highs (mania) and lows (depression). These changes in mood can last for hours, days, weeks or even months.

What does it mean?

Although the direct cause is unknown, several factors are involved. Those factors being biological differences, neurotransmitters, and inherited traits.

  • Biological differences: Having a physical difference in your brain.
  • Neurotransmitters: Naturally occurring chemicals in the brain are imbalanced which cause a significant difference in mood.
  • Inherited traits: Disorder seems to be more common when a relative, such as a sibling or parent, has the disorder as well.


  • Bipolar l: Having one or more manic episode occurring everyday for a week or more. These may be followed by depression episodes.
  • Bipolar ll: Having at least one major depressive episode lasting at least two weeks and at least one hypomanic episode lasting at least four days, but never having a manic episode.
  • Cyclothymic:several hypomanic episodes and less severe episodes of depression that alternate for at least two years


Mania or Manic episodes:

  • long periods of feeling "high" and extremely happy.
  • extreme irritablity.
  • talking very fast, racing thoughts
  • easily distracted
  • overly restless
  • sleeping little
  • behaving impulsively
Depression or Depressive episodes: