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Before actually learning how to play guitar you should know a few very important things. The main thing you should only keep in mind is that a song is made from notes. If you want to play the notes correctly then you should familiarize yourself with the chords. To be more precise, the chords are a series of notes played in unison.

If the guitar player knows how to play them then the result will be very melodic. If you're a beginner the first thing you will learn will be to know the chords. You can't play correctly if you don't know the chords. The G, C, D and A are the easiest chords on the guitar, Guitar Chords For Beginners

Easy means that you won't have to use many fingers to play them, just three fingers will do the trick. When you push down on the strings at the fret on the guitar neck it's called playing chords. While pushing down the strings you should strum the strings before the sound hole and there you have it: you're playing the guitar. Many professionals recommend that you should use an acoustic guitar in order to learn how to play. When you learn the basics you can start using an electric guitar.

If you're looking for some tips in regard to chords then you should read on. You shouldn't push the strings down too hard. Everything stays in the balance and in time you'll see how this works. The chord won't sound perfect when you press down too hard or too soft.

Also, you might want to level down the wrist of the left hand in order to loosen the strain. If you ignore this step your guitar will make buzzing sounds instead of great tunes.

Not to mention that in time you'll experience cramping and pain in your hand. Technique is the key to guitar playing! At first it's recommended that you play only songs with less chord movements. When you can play correctly all these easy songs you can start playing blindfolded.

Take a good look at any professional player and you'll see that they don't look at the fret while playing except for the times when they must play a complex chord. It's very important that you memorize the hand movements of all the guitar chords. The fingers and the hand must touch very the guitar very naturally and if you practice day by day that shouldn't be a problem.

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